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Panoramic sunroof

Vehicle panoramic sunroof can not only open the field of vision, but also increase air circulation. Meanwhile,it can meet the needs of photography. However,its convenience can not separated from the gear-driven mechanism.
The structure of the vehicle electric sunroof
Vehicle electric sunroof is mainly made up of sliding mechanism, driving mechanism, switch, control system (mainly including ECU, limit sensor), motor, transmission mechanism, sliding screw, guide pin, guide block, connecting rod, bracket, occipital seat, etc. Both of these components have an irreplaceable position, and the gear-driven mechanism from ZHAOWEI provides the power for the vehicle electric sunroof, which decides the opening and closing.
About the gear-driven mechanism 
The gear-driven mechanism includes micro motors and the transmission mechanism in vehicle electric sunroof. The micro motor provides power to the opening and closing of the vehicle electric sunroof through the transmission mechanism and realizes bidirectional rotation, that is, by changing the direction of the current to change the rotating direction of the motor, the opening and closing of the skylight can be realized. The transmission mechanism mainly consists of worm gear drive mechanism, middle gear drive mechanism and drive gear. The gear transmission mechanism accepts the power of the motor, changes the direction of rotation, and transmits the power to the sliding screw to make the electric sunroof open and close. At the same time, the power is transmitted to the cam to make the cam touch the limit switch to open and close.
Panoramic sunroof motors
ZHAOWEI motors and gearboxes make sunroof better  
Through the analysis and design of vehicle electric sunroof, the problem of small output large torque is solved. After modifying the gear and tooth profile of the whole micro-gear drive system, when you open or close the electric sunroof driven by ZHAOWEI micro mtors and gearboxes,its noise is low and stability is high.
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