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Anti myopia pen

Project Description:   Anti myopia pen  solve the troubles of many parents. Different from ordinary ball point pen, it is a  pen that can replace refill ballpoint pen, pencil, watercolor pen. Its size is similar to general pen, but its structural design conforms to the human engineering of the pen holding region.


Project Description:  With many years of micro gear box development experience, Zhao Wei designed the intelligent anti myopia pen gear box drive module. Through the precise transmission of stepper gear motor, we can control the wire rod ejection and design a smaller size of gear box. Through the design of a transmission screw rod, telescopic length and time can be controlled.

Above is for a specific customer development and design, only as presentations of anti myopia pen gear box of the program, not for sales purpose. ZHAOWEI can make a products design, development and production according to the needs of customers.

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