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Automatic hair curler

Project explanation:
 Automatic hair curler is perm my hair volume of hand-held electronic care products, its composition is a gearbox, a handle, a heating drum and a rotating scroll hair, design of automatic hair curler using panel circuit temperature control, gearbox, heating drum and a rotating scroll hair by evenly distributed heat, heating cycle, improve hair protein structure is manufactured by bending, hair curler not only hair function, can also in Perm at the same time, to protect the hair, nourish hair.

Project description: Zhao Wei has 20 years of micro gearbox development experience, Foxconn and common to Cornell developed automatic curl gearbox mechanism products used no brush DC motor and worm gear mechanism design can effectively self-locking, because there is no brush motor self locking is almost zero, prevent hair rotary curling up to 1kg torque rotating mechanism of rollback difficulties and improve product life through the helix angle of the worm gear self-locking design.


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