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Portable Dryer



The gearbox of Portable dryer is an important mechanism , it used the transmmission system of micro gear motor to control the dryer to output the high temperature air current on the surfaces of clothes, to heat the laundry, to drive off the moisture and make the clothes drying quickly . ZhaoWei has many years of working experience in the field of mini dryer gearbox , the dryer has those features of high efficiency,long life and low noise.
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The common heating methods of Portable dryer are wire and semiconductor(PTC) heating, with the controlling of micro gear motor transmmission system, it can adjust the power automatically in different environments , it also controls the very high temperature to protect the clothes safely and reliable.



Use ZhaoWei’s micro-reduction gear motor in the portable dryer , it can reduce the volume of the dryer, is easy to disassemble and operate . The internal mechanisms of the dryer are three parts: host, frame of umbrella shape and cylindrical cover. The host is close to bottom of middle, it uses the heater of motor to generate heating power into the cover of the dryer, also speed up the air flowing by the ventilation holes of the cover , the clothes can be dried easily .


Above gearboxes of portable dryers are designed for specific customers ,it is only used to disply the solutions . ZhaoWei  can custom gearboxes according to customer’s requirements.

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