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Smart lock for bicycle

Smart Lock Gear Motor
Project explanation: intelligent bicycle lock is a smart bike lock, the use of low power Bluetooth technology 4 or WiFi signal to replace the physical keys, can be based on mobile phones Distance the bike's position to lock and unlock the bike (or directly in the application). The use of smart bike lock on the car, through the use of GPS positioning and the Internet of things connected to the nearest parking, locking is not afraid of losing.
Intelligent Lock Geared Motor

bicycle lock gear motor
Bicycle Lock Motor

Project explanation: Zhaowei has a gearbox development more than 20 years of experience, the use of gear box with wire rod, can effectively control the product position through the drive pull screw lock core, this design makes the product position control accuracy, high reliability, long service life.
The above is designed for specific customers, only as a safety head pillow gear box show, do not separate sales. According to the special needs of customers, we can design, develop and produce products.


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