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Water supply instrument

chemical, electrical, optical and other fields of science and technology more and more pay attention to the beauty industry, and the beauty industry changed dramatically. All kinds of beauty instruments came into being.The water supply instrument is one of the examples.
  1.The design of planetary gear improves the function of noise reduction, meeting the requirement of micro-noise when the product is running.
  2.ZHAOWEI gearboxes can greatly improve the quality and efficiency of Water supply instrument. ZHAOWEI developed and designed a multi-layer variable transmission ratio structure, which makes the product have two, three, four transmission changes. Therefore, the input speed and torque of the gearbox can be adjusted according to the design requirements of the beauty instrument motor.

The following is the product parameters of the 16mm Precise Planetary gearbox for Water supply instrument.
  The above scheme is derived from Zhaowei's research and development concept, which can only be displayed and promoted, involving similar patent ownership of other companies, which can be revoked.

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