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Communication Reduction Motors

  •  Resistance to mechanical and thermal shock
  •  Stable ,Long service life
  •  Small volume
  •  Low nosie
  •  Low power
  •  Low electromagnetic interference
  • The transition from 4G to 5G is unlikely to happen overnight, because achieving wider spectrum, unparalleled millimeter-wave bandwidth (28 GHz and 39 GHz),) and ongoing but imperfect standards are challenges. In order to meet these challenges and to make communication devices faster, less energy consuming and more environmentally friendly, ZHAOWEI which has 21 years of experience in developing and designing miniature gearboxes and combined with the needs of antenna (wireless) front-line manufacturers, designed carefully micro gearboxes for the antenna. The gearboxes for the antenna is micro, large torque, small volume, low noise, high efficiency and resistance to high and low temperatures.

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