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All-screen phone camera

Project difficulty :  How to set the front camera ;

Solution: in Zhao Wei company , the planetary gearbox 3.4mm, 4mm and 6mm reducer stransmmission solution can be applied to camera of mobile phone , such as turn camera to front , back and different angles, lens screwing out etc...

Solution 1: the front camera is hidden in the screen, of course, there will be a high demand on the lens—so the first half of the lens should be very small.

Solution 2: cancel the front camera, the back camera can be designed to rotate. How to hide the front camera, we can learn from fingerprint recognition on the phone back. Specifically, we can use the mechanical device, turn the front camera of the phone to rear camera. Also, the rear camera can be turned to front camera when it will be needed. This solution is not only convenient, but also improve the quality of the taking photos .

Solution 3: full-screen phone with curved surface appears. Here is used the solution of worm planetary gearbox within the scalable camera. 


  apply the planetary gearbox with 3 step reducer and step motor, the camera can be able to turn. In the internal structure, used the planetary gearbox with reducers to the electric rotating camera.


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