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Advantages of Planetary reduction motor

2018-12-13 15:58:00
Advantages of Planetary reduction motor
Compared with cylindrical reduction motor, planetary reduction has many unique advantages. Its most remarkable feature is that it can split the power while transmitting the power, and the input axis and the output axis have coaxiality, that is, the output axis and the input axis are set on the same main axis. Therefore, planetary reduction motor transmission has been used to replace the ordinary gear drive, and as a kind of mechanical transmission in the accelerator and transmission device.The main characteristics of the planetary reduction motor are as follows.

  1.Smooth motion, strong ability to resist shock and vibration. Because several planetary gears of the same structure are used to distribute evenly around the center wheel,so the force between the planetary wheel and the rotating arm can be balanced.So the movement of planetary gear transmission is stable.

  2.Transmission is relatively large, can achieve motion synthesis and decomposition. As long as the type of planetary gear transmission and the gear matching scheme are properly selected, a large transmission ratio can be obtained with a few gears. In the planetary reduction motor transmission, the transmission ratio can reach several thousand.

  3.Planetary reduction motor is small in size, small in mass, compact in structure and large in bearing capacity. Because the planetary gear transmission has the power shunt, the coaxial transmission of each center wheel and the reasonable application of the internal meshing gear pair, the structure of the planetary gear transmission can be very compact. Moreover, several planetary gears are distributed evenly around the center wheel to share the load, which makes the load of each gear less, and allows these gears to adopt smaller modulus. In addition the coaxial reducer makes full use of the large bearing capacity of the inner meshing and the volume of the inner gear ring itself in order to reduce the outer dimension of the gear reducer. 

  4.Planetary reduction motor drive efficiency is high. Because of the symmetry of the planetary gear transmission structure, that is, it has several symmetrical planetary gears, the reaction force acting on the center wheel and the rotating arm bearing can balance each other, which is helpful to improve the transmission efficiency. When the transmission type is chosen properly and the structure is arranged reasonably.

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