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Advantages of planetary gearboxes

2019-04-08 17:25:19
A planetary gearbox whose structure is a mechanism in which multiple planetary gears revolve around a solar wheel as well as a mechanism that reduces the speed ratio of the transmission and increases the torque.
1. low cost. The tooth extraction technology simplifies the structure of the planetary gearbox. The same power and the same pin-ring structure of different transmission ratios are the same,then the products can be mass-produced, meanwhile,the processing of key parts is good,it don’t need  special equipment and high-tech skills. The general locomotive can be processed and manufactured with low manufacturing cost.
2. High efficiency. The pin gear ring planetary gearbox realizes rolling engagement, the friction loss is small, so the whole machine transmission efficiency is high.
3. The load is high. The planetary structure planetary gearbox is used to achieve self-adaptation, so that the pairs of meshing pairs participating in the meshing are evenly loaded, so that the average load on the pair of meshing pairs is reduced, thereby improving the bearing capacity and impact resistance.
4. The transmission is smooth and the noise is small. The quality of the pin ring is small, and the arm bearing is selected according to the strength requirement to achieve inertial force balance, so the transmission is stable and the noise is small.

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