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How to disassemble a 12v geared motor?

2019-03-16 14:49:10
We can know the structure of the 12v geared motor by disassembling it, and the following is motor disassemble steps.
Step1,Remove the external wiring of the 12v geared motor and make the symbol. Then loosen the foot screws to separate the motor from the drive mechanism.
Step2,When disassembling the pulley or coupling on the 12v geared motor shaft, it is sometimes necessary to add some oil to the gap between the motor shafts of the pulley to make it dip and smooth, which is easy to disassemble.
Step3,For motors equipped with rolling bearings, first remove the bearing cover, then loosen the fastening screws, and make a symbol at the joint between the end cover and the housing shell, screw the screws of the removed fastening end caps into Insert the end cap out of the two screw holes specially provided on the motor end cover and push the end cover out.
Step4,When disassembling a 12v geared motor with a brush, remove the brush from the brush grip.
Step5,When pulling out the rotor, it is necessary not to touch the stator coil, the rotor is not large, can be extracted by hand.

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