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How to make micro reduction motors start normally?

Categories: FAQRelease time: 2018-10-11 15:26:00
How to make a micro reduction motors start normally?
If your micro reduction motor operates normally, this article may be not suitable for you. But if your micro reduction motors don’t work, the article is very important for you.

Firstly, if your micro reduction motors still doesn’t rotate,you can turn the motor shaft by hand. If it is tight or does not move, measure the three-phase current, such as three-phase current balance. If it is larger than the rated value, it may be that the mechanical part of the motor is Stuck, the micro reduction motor is short of oil, the bearing rust or damage is serious, the end cap or the oil cap is too oblique, and the rotor and the inner cymbal are touching each other (also called broom). If you feel that you are struggling or hear a periodic "beep" sound by turning the motor shaft to a certain angle by hand, you can judge it as a broom,its reasons as follows.

1.The gap between the inner and outer rings of the bearing is too large, and the bearing needs to be replaced.
2.The bearing chamber (bearing hole) is too large, and the long-term wear causes the inner hole diameter to be too large. The emergency measure is to plate a layer of metal or a sleeve.
3.Shaft bend or end cap wear.

Secondly, if a micro reduction motor doesn’t rotate and there is no sound.The reason is that the micro dc reduction motor power supply or winding has two-phase or three-phase open circuit. Check to see if there is a supply voltage. If there is no voltage in three phase, the fault is in the circuit; if the three-phase voltage is balanced, the fault is in the DC reduction motor itself. The resistance of the reduction motor's three-phase winding can be measured to find out the phase-broken winding.

Thirdly,the reduction motor does not rotate, but there is a "beep" sound. Measuring the motor terminal, such as three-phase voltage balance and rated value can be judged as a serious overload.

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