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How to select the suitable lubrication oil for your micro reduction motor?

Categories: FAQRelease time: 2018-10-08 16:28:00
Some principle of choosing the suitable lubrication oil for micro reduction motors

1.The temperature of micro reduction motor in the working time is higher, the viscosity of lubricating oi is higher.
2.The greater the workload, the higher the viscosity of the lubricating oil, to ensure that the oil film has sufficient strength.
3.The smaller the gap between the friction surfaces, the lower the viscosity of the lubricating oil, so as to ensure that sufficient oil flows between the two friction surfaces.
4.Between vertical friction surfaces the viscosity of the lubricating oil should be higher, which can reduce the loss of oil.

The lubrication oil plays an important roles in the transmission system,which can prolong service life of micro reduction motor. It has many functions as follows:

1.Reduce friction and wear, reduce friction resistance to save energy and prolong mechanical life.
2.Cooling ,make the friction heat out of the micro reduction motor.
3.Seal, which can prevent the micro reduction motor from leaking and channeling gas.
4.Resist corrosion and rust, protect the friction surface from oil deterioration or external erosion.
5.Clean and wash away the friction area scale.
6.Disperse load and mitigate shock and shock absorption in the micro reduction motor.

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