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The Design of The Gear Bearing Characteristics
2018-11-07 17:48:13
The Design of The Gear Bearing Characteristics

At present abroad some gears adopt high precision rolling shaft instead of the general sliding bearing, mainly has the following several types:

(1)Radial sliding bearing.Radial sliding bearing diameter of axle of high speed gear circumferential velocity is higher, told less gear with multiple oil bearing more leaves in the oil bearing wedge.Elliptical bearing, the three oil bearing dislocation, much oil wedge bearing, bearing and so on, even when idle, axis relative to the bearing tile also have great eccentricity, so the stability is good.

(2)Thrust bearing.Thrust bearing is mainly produced by the helical gear under the axial force and some external axial force (such as motor magnetic field on heart, axial force of the gear coupling, etc.).The structure has a inclined plane and a tilting form.Inclined plane thrust bearing and radial bearing of single structure, is often used to design the thrust bearing, must be both direction have thrust capability.
The above content "in gear transmission design manual" chemical industry press.

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