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Why is there noise in the gear reducer?

2018-12-12 17:58:23
Planetary gear box is widely used in mechanical transmission as an important part. For a pair of meshing gears, because there is inevitably a pitch, tooth shape error, in operation process will meshing impact and corresponding to the gear mesh frequency noise, between tooth surfaces due to the relative sliding and friction noise. Because of the gear is basic parts of gear box, gear noise of gear box noise control is very necessary. Generally speaking, there be some main aspect about noise of gear reducer.

Why is there noise in the gear reducer?

1. Gear system and gear box assembly eccentric, contact precision is low, the axis of the degree of parallelism is poor, shaft, bearing, bearing stiffness is insufficient, bearing the rotation accuracy is not high and the gap is not improper.

2. The design of gear. Improper selection of parameters, coincidence through gear repair shape improperly or without modification, or gear box structure is unreasonable. Gear machining aspects basepitch error and tooth profile error, backlash is too large.

3.Other aspects of the input torque. Load torque fluctuations, shaft torsional vibration, motor and other transmission, such as the balance of the situation.

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