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Medical robot

Medical robot

  A medical robot is an intelligent robot used in hospital, clinic or auxiliary medicine.The gear transmission mechanism developed by ZHAOWEI can be applied to clinical medical robots, nursing robots, medical teaching robots, and service robots for the disabled, according to the use of medical treatment.
Medical robot


  1.Through the development of wear-resistant material technology, processing technology optimization technology, lubrication technology, assembly technology and life detection technology, and continuously exploring the transmission mechanism,ZHAOWEI develops the gearbox which is suitable for robot,improving greatly the performance of intelligent robot in perception and recognition, control and interaction.

2.ZHAOWEI planetary gear box 3.4MM , 4MM , 6MM deceleration transmission scheme can be used for intelligent robot vision navigation positioning system , suitable for camera turnover , side camera turn -over machine top camera rotation , telescopic camera and so on .


(Pictured above is 12mm deceleration gearbox for medical robots)

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