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Circuit breaker

Circuit breaker/Intelligent reclosing devices
Project background

Intelligent reclosing device (circuit breaker gear motor) is widely used in overhead transmission and power supply lines to deal with emergencies, that is, breaker tripping after an emergency. The automatic
reclosing device will reclose the circuit breaker after a short interval, thus improving the reliability of power supply system. In most cases, line failures (such as lightning strikes, wind damage, etc.) are temporary, and the insulation (insulator and air gap) of the circuit breaker after tripping can be restored, and the reclosing is successful again.

1.Enhancing the effectiveness of transmission lines.
2.Improving the stability of system operation.
3.Correction of mistripping of Circuit Breaker.
4.Speed up Voltage recovery of Power system after accident treatment.

Research and Design of Auto-reclosure Gearbox for Meter the electrical life and mechanical life of the gearbox are concerned.

The solution is based on Zhaowei's R & D concept, which only displays and promotes products and involves the revocation of similar patent ownership by other companies.
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