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Mobile Phone Base Station E-tilt Mechanism Gearbox
Mobile Phone Base Station E-tilt Mechanism Gearbox Challenge:
Low Temperature (-40 degree) Working Environment, Short Life time.

Can work 40 degree below zero, Long life time.
Achievement: High efficiency at -40 degree to +85 degree. High stability with 10 years life time.
Intelligent robot gearbox
Intelligent robot gearbox Inroduce intelligent robot gearbox
Circuit breaker/Intelligent reclosing device gearbox
Circuit breaker/Intelligent reclosing device gearbox   Project background   Intelligent reclosing device (circuit breaker gear motor) is widely used in overhead transmission and power supply lines to deal with emergencies, that is, breaker tripping after an emergency. The automatic reclosing device wil...
GearBox For Earthquake Testing Instrument
GearBox For Earthquake Testing Instrument Project Name:
GearBox For Earthquake Testing Instrument

Project Description:
it is generally believed that the earthquake emergency nature, earthquake prediction is a difficult problem all over the world, and some seismologists assert that earthquakes cannot be predicted...
Intelligent Electric Pan-Tilt GearBox
Intelligent Electric Pan-Tilt GearBox Project Name:
Intelligent Electric Pan-Tilt

Project Description:
Intelligent automatic camera with camera with can be used to expand the scope of surveillance, improve the use value of the camera is used to mount the camera...
Gearbox for Video Conference
Gearbox for Video Conference Solution:
Backlash of gearbox less than 1/60°.

Normally backlash of video conference gearbox will be controlled less than 3°. Zhaowei optimize the gearbox design and keep the backlash less than 1/60° and low noise level <35 dB.
Q-robot solution
Q-robot solution Challenges:
Zhaowei provide the drive total solution based on the product outline dimension defined by customer.

With special design planetary gearbox, the Q-robot can response and interactive through head, wings and eyes according to voice, panel touching.
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