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Why could ZHAOWEI improve the security of unlocking?[ 09-21 18:09 ]
ZHAOWEI will tell you why could we improve the security of unlocking from three concept.
Your Sweeping robot deserves a good micro reduction motor[ 09-19 17:31 ]
Sweeping robots with micro reduction motors are a hot research direction in the field of service robots your Sweeping robot deserves a good micro reduction motor.
Micro planetary gearboxes for vehicle’s steering system[ 09-17 18:57 ]
Micro planetary gearboxes for vehicle’s steering system
The importance of micro gear reducers in the Pan-Tilt heads[ 09-15 18:29 ]
The intelligent PTZ has four performance indicators: rotation speed, rotation angle and load bearing environment index ,which depend on the quality of micro gear reducer. So it is important to choose suitable micro gear reducers.
A vending machine with micro planetary motors[ 09-14 18:25 ]
A vending machine with micro planetary motors is a machine that automatically delivers goods based on the money invested.
ZHAOWEI Micro Planetary Gearbox for Air Condition Opening[ 09-13 17:26 ]
An air conditioner with micro planetary gearbox is a machine that regulates the air temperature in a closed space, which can regulates air temperature,humidity,cleanliness and air flow in a close space according to your requirement.
ZHAOWEI micro DC motor for electric toothbrush[ 09-11 15:27 ]
Micro DC motor is the key component of electric toothbrush. The magnitude of vibration and force of toothbrush depends on the quality of micro DC motor.
The importance of Insulation in Micro motor[ 09-10 16:13 ]
Insulation is key to life and reliability of micro motor
What factors are important when selecting a micro motor?[ 09-08 17:51 ]
The general steps and some important factor of selecting the micro motor
A story about micro motors and new printers[ 09-07 17:10 ]
The micro motors that match with the new printers must be small,compact, and low noise.
How to change the rotation direction of 12v DC motor?[ 09-06 15:22 ]
There are two ways to change the rotation direction of a 12v DC motor as follows.
Gear reducer: make static infusion more intelligent[ 09-05 15:35 ]
Gear reducer makes static infusion more intelligent,which is important part in the intelligent infusion.
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