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A vending machine with micro planetary motors

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2018-09-14 15:25:00
A vending machine with micro planetary motor
A vending machine with micro planetary motors is a machine that automatically delivers goods based on the money invested. The vending machine with micro planetary motors is a commonly used equipment for business automation. It is not limited by time and place, and it can save manpower and facilitate trading. It is a new form of commercial retail, also known as a 24-hour mini-supermarket.

The vending machine with micro planetary motors has many advantages,we can know according to the next functions.
1.Support card shopping
Under the support of network environment, it has a variety of electronic payment functions, such as credit cards, storage cards, mobile phone cards and other credit card.

2.Recognize currency
The electronic control system can cooperate with the note and coin recognizer to add the voucher function, and can identify the paper and coin type vouchers.

3.Download data
You can easily download the operating information of the vending machine by Using USB technology and a USB disk, and then use the PC to process the downloaded data, so that operators can grasp the sales situation of different regions, different machines and different commodities.

The internal control system of modern vending machines uses the VHDL description language, using a finite state machine to describe the system state, and the system is automatically Initialized after the power is reset, converting different states(such as coin state, sales state, and Look for zero state) according to the signal entered by the outside world. The structure of a vending machine is a micro computer,Payment Interface, Sheet meta, shelf mechanism, display screen,micro planetary drive motors, and mobile interconnection communication. The important process of a vending machine is An important part of vending machines is the drop of goods from shelves. Its principles of working: Behind the lock hole of the vending machine, a micro computer controls the corresponding micro planetary drive motors, which push the runner 360 degrees and push the product off the shelves. We can know by the above information,it is important to choose a suitable micro planetary motor.
A vending machine with micro planetary motors

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