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The importance of micro gear reducers in the Pan-Tilt heads

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2018-09-15 15:29:00
The importance of micro gear reducers in the Pan-Tilt heads
Now Pan-Tilt heads which contains micro gear reducers become more and more popular, a variety of industries also have a certain demand for Pan-Tilt heads. Because of the special use environment, it is necessary for the Pan-Tilt heads which contains micro gear reducers to meet the special protection performance of the field environment. The common products are the underwater type, the high temperature type, the low temperature type, the anticorrosive type and the explosion-proof type.

Pan-Tilt heads with micro gear reducers is a the supporting equipment for fixing and fixing cameras. It is divided into two kinds: fixed and electric PTZ.Fixed pan-tilt is suitable for small surveillance range. After installed the camera on the fixed pan-tilt, the horizontal and pitching angles of the camera can be adjusted. After reaching the best working posture, the adjusting mechanism can be locked. The electric Pan-Tilt heads is suitable for scanning and monitoring in a wide range. It can expand the monitoring scope of cameras.

The high-speed attitude of the electric pan-tilt is realized by two executive motors, which receive signals from the controller to accurately locate the position. Under the control signal, the camera on the platform can not only automatically scan the surveillance area, but also track the surveillance object under the control of the personnel on duty in the surveillance center.

In fact, Pan-Tilt heads with micro gear reducers is two AC motors or DC motors composed of installation platform, can be horizontal and vertical movement. However, we should note that the cloud head is different from the cloud head in the photographic equipment. Generally speaking, the Pan-Tilt heads of the photographic equipment is only a tripod, which can only adjust the position by hand; The monitoring system can control the direction of its rotation and movement remotely by controlling the system.

However,The intelligent PTZ has four performance indicators: rotation speed, rotation angle and load bearing environment index ,which depend on the quality of micro gear reducer. So it is important to choose suitable micro gear reducers.
The importance of micro gear reducers in the Pan-Tilt heads

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