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Your Sweeping robot deserves a good micro reduction motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2018-09-19 15:31:00
Your Sweeping robot deserves a good micro reduction motor
Sweeping robots with micro reduction motors are a hot research direction in the field of service robots today. In terms of theory and technology, the sweeping robot embodies more than one of the key technologies of mobile robots,which has strong representativeness. From the perspective of market prospects, sweeping robots will greatly reduce labor density and improve labor efficiency. Hotels, hotels, libraries, offices and the general public. Therefore, the development of sweeping robots is both scientifically challenging and has broad market prospects.

The sweeping robot mainly includes computer, sensor, micro reduction motor and power transmission mechanism, power supply, vacuum cleaner, power switch, operating potentiometer. There are three ultrasonic distance sensors on the top of the sweeper. Five proximity switches are installed on the front edge of the bottom of the sweeper. The proximity switch and the ultrasonic distance sensor together constitute a sweeping machine ranging system. The sweeping machine is equipped with two DC motors, and a vacuum cleaner mechanism is installed at the bottom of the sweeping machine.The function of the sweeping robot automatically completes the cleaning and dust removal task of the empty ground of the room. Before cleaning, the objects in the room should be close to the surrounding walls to make room for the ground. The main function of the sweeper can automatically go through all accessible rooms, automatically clean the dust, and clean the dust under remote control and manual control.

Its working principle is that when working, the high-speed airflow is generated by the rotation of the motor, so that the gas pressure inside the box becomes small, and dust, debris and the like are pressed into the box at the external atmospheric pressure. Therefore, the quality of the geared motor is the most direct factor determining the suction of the sweeper. Generally, the good motor has the characteristics of high speed, high suction, long life and low noise.
Your Sweeping robot deserves a good micro reduction motor

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