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ZHAOWEI micro DC motor for electric toothbrush

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2018-09-11 15:27:00
ZHAOWEI micro DC motor for electric toothbrush
The electric toothbrush is to produce high frequency vibration by the rapid rotation or vibration of the micro motor core and instantly break the toothpaste into fine foam and clean the teeth deeply.meanwhile,the vibration of brushing can promote blood circulation of oral cavity, have massage effect to gingival tissue.

There are three types of motion of the brush head: one is the reciprocating linear motion of the brush head, one is the rotary motion, and one is a combination of two brush head electric toothbrush. The bristles of the head of the toothbrush are made of soft plastic fibers, and the hair ends are all processed into balls, which can neither damage the teeth and gums, nor affect the brushing effect.The brush handle has strong and weak conversion mode switch, and you can choose the speed of the toothbrush head according to your needs.

The electric toothbrush is composed of a rechargeable dry battery, a micro DC motor, a battery box, a toothbrush head, a metal protector and a sleeve.
The dry battery of the DC motor power supply is installed in the battery box together with the DC motor, and the battery box is provided with a manual switch to control the on-off of the DC motor power supply, the DC motor shaft extends out of the battery box, the toothbrush head and metal protector are set on the DC motor rotating shaft, and the toothbrush head and metal shield are provided with a sleeve. Electric toothbrush with a variety of different types of toothbrush head and micro dc motor can be used for a variety of users.

ZHAOWEI micro DC motor for electric toothbrush

Micro DC motor is the key component of electric toothbrush. The magnitude of vibration and force of toothbrush depends on the quality of micro DC motor, So the micro motor must be reliable and precise. you can choose ZHAOWEI micro DC motor, ZHAOWEI has 21 years experience in designing and producing micro dc motor,planetary gearbox and so on, which is a partner you can trust! Meanwhile, we can supply customized service, Then,I'll introduce the range of customized dc micro motor parameters.

Outer diameter:3.4mm-38mm(customized)
Output speed:5rpm-1500rpm(customized)
Noise: 45DB (customized)
Types of motor:DC motor
Gear materials:metal,plastic
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