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Dental instruments

 Dental instruments

Project problems
During oral treatment, the patient's saliva, blood and spat are adsorbed to the turbine bearings inside the dental tool. Water, gas pipes and gaps are not cleaned, increasing the risk of cross infection.

ZHAOWEI developed the automatic damping deceleration gear box, combined with the double advantages of turbine worm structure and planetary gear box, to solve the difficult problem of small volume and large torque and the noise problem of gear box, and the whole gear and gear profile have been modified. Reduce the impact of the product vibration process on the module.

1.Adopting the design of planetary gear, the noise reduction function is improved, and the safety factor is raised.
2.The double structure of turbine worm and planetary gearbox reduces the risk of cross-infection by reducing the possibility of saliva, blood and spat being adsorbed to the turbine bearings, water, gas pipes and cavities inside the dental tool.

 Dental instruments
 Dental instruments
The above is the product parameters of the 3.4mm Precise Planetary gearbox for Dental instruments.

(The above scheme is derived from Zhaowei's research and development concept, which can only be displayed and promoted, involving similar patent ownership of other companies, which can be revoked.)

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