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Infusion pump

Medical intelligent infusion device
Project Description: Wireless data transmission technology is used to Automatic infusion system,it can monitor the flowing speed,display the volumn of infusion,warming promp when the liquid drain off,also can monitor many patients at the same time etc.This system applies infrared ray transmission signal to control a gearbox to adjust the liquid flowing speed and monitor the processing of infusion,it can enhance the working efficiency of medical nurse significantly.
 11/5000 Yīliáo zhìnéng shūyè liúliàng kòngzhì qì Medical intelligent infusion flow controller
Intelligent infusion flow control gearbox
Intelligent infusion flow control geared motor

Project Description: Above product is customized for our customer,it just display the solution of  automatic infusion gearbox.Zhao Wei company can design,develop and produce this product based on customer's requirements,the ownership of product will belong to customer.

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