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Insulin pump

Intelligent insulin pump

Project explanation

The tradition control blood glucose way is use injector & Insulin pen etc to inject insulin and control blood glucose index.
The new generation of insulin injector can simulate normal pancreatic insulin secretion mode, for patients with input traces of insulin in the body.
The  pump applied in diabetes patients physically, can let the blood sugar keep balanced, also the size as same as only ordinary matchbox size.

Intelligent insulin pump

Intelligent insulin pump

Intelligent insulin pump

Intelligent insulin pump

Zhaowei owns many years R&D experience of micro gearbox, designed and developed the core module of micro insulin injections gearbox. Through precision stepper motor drive to control the screw out, making out the size of the gear box is similar as matchbox size. Through the design of the drive screw can be precise control of insulin injection volume, the precise control of artificial injection volume is unable to achieve by artificial injection, thereby keeping blood sugar levels balance at any moment.

 Above is developed and designed for specific customers, only show as an insulin gearbox. ZHAOWEI is capable to develop and design a product for your application according to your requirements

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