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Therapeutic shoes

Project Description:
 The utility model of the Intelligent medical massage shoe is composed of a polyurethane which is composed of a kind of balance and comfort and performance, which is composed of a planet reduction gear box. It is an ideal platform for effective improvement of blood circulation and lower body medical rehabilitation. Medical massage shoes can restore and alleviate the pain and injury caused by exercise, enhance the level of training and coordination, the effect of intelligent medical rehabilitation massage shoe pad.

Healthy blood flow

Return to normal levels of lactic acid

Metabolic waste evacuation

Oxygenation of muscle tissue

Recovery of muscle glycogen level

With many years of experience in the development of micro gear box, ZHAOWEI developed medical massage shoes. The product is controlled by the brushless DC motor, which is driven by the parallel gear box to control the massage board on the A shaped bracket to control the movement of the massage board on the shaped bracket. The difficulty of the structure is the self locking control force of the A shaped bracket,  the screw thread angle of the left and right screw threads is required to be designed in place, and the thread itself is locked.

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