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Automatic toilet seat cover

Now automatic toilet has many new functions, such as flush automatically,light at nigh and the toilet lid flips automatically. With the improvement of toilet intelligence,but it still have some problems in toilet flip. How to make the toilet lid open to the right angle and improve the life and efficiency of the toilet flip.ZHAOWEI drive system for automatic toilet flip is combined with turbine worms and planetary gearboxes,which solves these problems effectively.

1.Toilet flip rotation angle is limited.
2.The toilet flip reacts slowly and has low efficiency.
3.Need to increase high torque and improve life time.

ZHAOWEI drive Solution for automatic toilet flip
Intelligent toilet flip gearbox is a important component to realize the automatic opening and closing of toilet lid and seat cushion. It has the characteristics of stable performance, long life, large torque and high efficiency. The structure of automatic damping and deceleration gearbox adopts to the double structure of turbine worm and planetary gearbox,so it can increase the turing strength and solve the difficulty of double flip panel. zhaowei

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Automatic toilet flip  gearbox is specially customized for special customer requirements is just for technical solution demo here and not for other commercial purpose and not sell to third party.


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