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Water heater gear box

It is a happy thing to get home after work to take a warm bath in a rainy cold winter. Today I will recommend you our intelligent gas water heater natural valve gear box, by our gear box scheme, free control for gas flow can come true, so as to realize control of the size of the fire or heat, to achieve constant temperature. In addition, despite how long you take the bath, how ventilation of the door and window is, can eliminate CO's poisoning accident. Zhaowei gas water heater natural gas valve gearbox program delegate to provide a gas water heater know your heart more.

Plastic planetary gearbox
1. Solve the noise problem and gear box damage in production process;
2.Proportional valve control is stable, can match the water, gas and air ratio instantaneously, bidding farewell to hot and cold;
3.The gear box can be more precisely control the amount of gas go through valve, then enhances intelligent segmentation more accurate control fire combustion technology, to realize the seamless intelligent switch, two three fire comfortable energy balance;

The advantages of the 16MM reduction gear box solution for ZHAOWEI smart gas water heater are more in this: safety. More understand you!
Keep carbon monoxide away from your bath. The intelligent gas water heater gearbox scheme can intelligently control the flow of natural gas to make the combustion more fully. This scenario, the planetary gear adopts the herringbone gear design . in a unique strengthening airtight combustion system, using the signs in the intelligent gas water heater the gearbox can be in strict test in sealing to prevent gas leakage or tempering effectively reduce heat loss, safety and energy saving; Intelligent gas water heater motor with signs in the planetary gear reducer, can greatly improve the quality and efficiency of intelligent gas water heater,ZHAOWEI according to the development and design institutions of multilayer can transform ratio. The product has a secondary, tertiary, quaternary transmission changes according to the design requirements of electric curtain motor to change reduction ratio and adjusting the rotational speed and torque of the gear box input.

Gas water heater: 16MM reduction gearbox :
Planetary gear motor

Powder metallurgy planetary gear set

In order to adapt to the changing market demand of intelligent gas water heater, the product specifications of intelligent gas water heater gearbox are 16MM\22MM\25MM\28MM\35MM\ 45MM. If you do not find the intelligent gas water heater motor gearbox in these specifications, please send an enquiry.
planetary gear motor

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