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Home Service Robot - sweeping machine gearbox

Categories: Smart HomeRelease time: 2016-05-06 10:41:00

sweeping machine gearbox

Project explanation: with the progress of science and technology more and more, people are becoming more and more "lazy". Because there are so many people try to "lazy", will drive new things, new inventions appear continually. Home sweeping robot is a typical representative of household sweeper is not you think so it is mysterious, wireless network technology, artificial intelligence technology combined with the product, but also can be said to be the first emergence of a group of smart appliances. Sweeping robot body generally to disk mainly rely on wireless, remote control and the operation button to set the work, through the built-in sensors and artificial intelligence algorithm is able to detect the obstacles, so as to realize collision avoidance, path planning and other functions.


Project explanation: a miniature Zhaowei gear box development more than 20 years of experience, and sweeping machine leading enterprises IROBOT, strategic partnership in science and technology enterprises to establish. The sweeper noise exists, the wheel torque (not easy to get stuck in the narrow space), the main brush does not sweep clean or death card (hair the death card) led to the problem of low service life of sweeper (motor burned) caused by the customer experience is not good. Zhaowei through re analysis of design and development of gear tooth sweeping machine gear box shaped, on wheels. The structure is optimized to have better wheel contraction and increase torque make moves in space better narrow the do structure adjustment of the main brush gear box enter and winding of the motor to prevent hair damage.

Above is specific customer development and design, show only as a domestic service robots sweeping machine gear box. Zhao Wei electrical can according to the special needs of customers products design, development and production, and the property of the product for the customer so.

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