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ZHAOWEI R&D team which is composed of more than professors, doctors, masters and engineers, is committed to designing and developing micro drive systems for 17years and providing drive system solutions for customers.

Micro gear drive system manufacturer

17 years of service experience
Provide customized, design, development, production and assembly services for micro gear transmission system.

Set up driving mould laboratories

The reliability and stability of the product is an important index to evaluate the technical level of the product.In order to accurately analyze, evaluate and verify the performance of the product, the reliable data of the product in the case of failure can be obtained.ZHAOWEI set up driving mould laboratories,which includes high low temperature testing chamber,3D vibration testing device,thermal shock testing chamber,rain and spray testing chamber,Rain and spray testing chamber and so on.

  • High low temperature testing chamber
  • 3D vibration testing device
  • Thermal shock testing chamber
  • Rain and spray testing chamber
  • Noise chamber
  • Noise chamber


High and new technology enterprises

ROHS, ISO Certification

Long term strategic partnership for automobile companies

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