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Shenzhen ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 1997, which is State High-Tech enterprise for gear transmission design and manufacturing. We provide the total drive solution for customers from design, tooling fabrication, components manufacturing and assembly. 

Main Products

Precise component and assembly of plastic and metal powder injectionPrecise motor gear box reducer, diameter 4mm-29mm, output speed 5rpm-2000rpm, reduction ratio 10-1500, output torque 1.0gf-cm to 40Kgf-cm.Customized worm and gear transmission machineryPrecise electromechanical motion module
Application: Automobile unit, automatic kitchen & toilet, home applicance, instrument & meter, medical appliance, personal care, safety monitor, digital carema, model aeroplance and toy, etc.

zhaowei main product


ZHAOWEI has 165 Sumitomo injection machines and 35 automatic production lines. Most of machines come from overseas such as AGIE wire cutting machine, AGIE EDM, MAKINO, FANUC, RODERS CNC. The company focus on three divisions “components manufacturing center”, “precise tooling” and “Transmission Module” with more than 1000 employee.


 zhaowei rongyu

ZHAOWEI specialized in precise injection components and precise transmission system with the quality certification ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, TS 16949 and has been awarded with “State High-Tech Enterprise” in 2013. The company pay more attention on R & D and got more than 40 patents. 4G antenna E-tilt mechanism, Smart Home Device, Intelligent robot drive module self-developed reached the international technical level. ZHAOWEI has established the long term Strategy partnership with HUAWEI, BOSCH, etc. New Plant project has been started in Huizhou City that will helpful to foster ZHAOWEI business and meet the globalization development needs. 




ZHAOWEI components manufacturing center has 165 sets of injection machines (ranged from 18T-250T) from Sumotomo and Sodik. The injection process technical has reached the level of international leading company.




The manufacturing center has the AGIE wire cutting machine, AGIE EDM, MAKINO EDM, FAUNC, RODERS CNC. With OSAKA gear meshing device and gear measuring center, ZHAOWEI can guarantee the gear and gearbox high quality and standard which meet or exceed customer requirements.




ZHAOWEI R & D team are grouped by Professors, Doctors and Masters which focus on gearbox design, simulation and FIR, data collection and analysis to provide customer with one stop solution. The company has 25 automatic production lines with capacity 400,000 sets of gearbox per month.



Gearbox Design Introduction

ZHAOWEI established gearbox design platform which are for parameter setting up, profile creation and 3D simulation of volute gear, cone gear, face gear, arc gear, etc and gained much experiences for automation and design software development.ZHAOWEI gearbox design platform has advantage in modification coefficient setting up, pressure angle calculation, backlash control, etc. It can used for gearbox noise improvement and life time optimization at the gearbox preliminary design stage




Our Culture

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Our company has excellent quality systems to make our products conform with and exceed customers' requirements. ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 ,UG,CCC and RoHS certification.

Our Main Customers

Microsoft, Bosch, Brose, Valeo, Electrolux, Sony, Sanyo, Nidec, Panasonic, Samsung, Gree. Media, Huawei, Johnson Electric, Tencent, other World Fortune 500 companies, etc.