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Windshield wiper water spray valve
Windshield wiper water spray valve Challenges:
Spray pressure, Improve spray performance

Optimize the spray nozzle with O ring seal to maintain spray pressure and performance.
Auotombile Headlight Regulator
Auotombile Headlight Regulator Challenges:
Large operatrion angle, Gear break during life time

Optimize gearbox design and material choosing
Arc gear and gearbox solution
Arc gear and gearbox solution Challenges:
Apply reduction gearbox on air condition shutter

Achieve low noise, Shutter stability and large wind angle;

Wind angle can reach 180 degree, and no wind blind area, control the noise levcel below 30dB.
Automatic Soap Feeder Gear Pump
Automatic Soap Feeder Gear Pump Challenges:
Optimize the gear pump design to maintain soap feed volume and stability

Application in automatic soap feeder pump of SIMPLEHUMAN, Maintain soap volume and stability.
Gearbox for samrt phone photo printing machine
Gearbox for samrt phone photo printing machine Challenges:
Compact, Strict concentricity.

Good printing performance with excellent drive module concentricity.
Mobile Phone Rotating Camera Module (Planetary Gearbox)
Mobile Phone Rotating Camera Module (Planetary Gearbox) Challenge:
Mini planetary gearbox for mobile rotating camera module.

ZHAOWEI developed the 6mm planetary gearbox for mobile camera module. The whole module is very compact which can accommodate in very small space of mobile phone.
Gearbox for Video Conference
Gearbox for Video Conference Solution:
Backlash of gearbox less than 1/60°.

Normally backlash of video conference gearbox will be controlled less than 3°. Zhaowei optimize the gearbox design and keep the backlash less than 1/60° and low noise level <35 dB.
Earphone Automatic Taking-up Mechanism
Earphone Automatic Taking-up Mechanism Challenge:
Earphone taking-up speed, and life time.

Optimize the gearbox design to control the earphone wire taking up time 1.5s, and control the noise level less than 40dB.
The above-mentioned gearbox is customized for special customer and it just be for solution demo. Zhaowei can design, manufacture the gearbox according to customer requirements.
Throttle Actuator for Automobile Air Conditioner
Throttle Actuator for Automobile Air Conditioner Challenges:
Accurate moving angle control, Gear life time.
Optimize gear design parameter such as backlash and profile modification.
Wound surfaces Cleaning Gun for Bone Surger
Wound surfaces Cleaning Gun for Bone Surger Challenges:
Cleaning pressure and flow consistent.
Set up different gear to control pressure and flow.
Can choose different gear as the bone surgery requirements.
The wound surfaces cleaning gun is specially customized for special customer. Zhaowei use it just for technical solution demo and not for other commercial purpose and not sell to third party.
Intelligent mouse gearbox
Intelligent mouse gearbox Project Name:Intelligent mouse gearbox

Project Description:mouse since it was invented to now for more than 50 years, the function of the mouse only a "click". The development trend of the mouse will move towards more...
Q-robot solution
Q-robot solution Challenges:
Zhaowei provide the drive total solution based on the product outline dimension defined by customer.

With special design planetary gearbox, the Q-robot can response and interactive through head, wings and eyes according to voice, panel touching.
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