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How to deal with some common troubles of gear reducer?

2018-12-13 14:25:55
How to deal with some common troubles of gear reducer?

We talked about common troubles and reasons of gear reducer the day before yesterday ,I will talk how to deal with these troubles in detail now.
1.The oil leak trouble
(1)Ensure coaxiality when installing and debugging, replace skeleton oil seal for wear oil seal.
(2)Replace gasket.
(3)Binding bolt.
(4)Run out of lubricating oil and replace better lubricating oil and seal after gasoline is cleaned by gasoline.

2.The trouble of abnormal heating of gear reducer
(1)Measure no load and load voltage.
(2)Check micro gear reducer fan and clean vent, strengthen ventilation and reduce ring temperature.
(3)Use the clamp ammeter to check the current of each phase and deal with the trouble.
(4)Reduce the number of times of forward and reverse rotation of the spur gear reducer or replace the micro gear reducer suitable for frequent starting and reverse rotation.

3. The trouble of abnormal vibration problem
(1)Adjust and replace shafts, bearings and gears.
(2)Adjust chain tightness.
(3)Disassembly inspection and replacement.
(4)Fastening bolt increases lubricating oil.
(5)Replacement of lubricating oil.
(6)Remove the foreign body and clean the reducer box.
However,you'd better do enough to avoid some common troubles of gear reducer. First, you need to choose a reliable gear reducer manufacturer.Second,choose the right product. Second, the need for installation and debugging.Third,periodic maintenance, so as to reduce product failures and prolong life of gear reducer.


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